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SHURE SLX24-Beta87A Hand-held Wireless Mic System


SLX24/Beta87A Handheld Wireless System

SLX Wireless Handheld System. Includes SLX2/Beta87A Handheld Transmitter and SLX4 Diversity Receiver. The Beta 87A brings exceptional clarity to live vocals.

SLX4 Wireless Receiver

The SLX4 receiver brings unprecedented ease of use to wireless with Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup. With included rack hardware and detachable antennas, it is ready for immediate installation right out of the box. Model SLX4L available with logic output for use with software echo cancellation and remote battery life monitoring.

SLX Wireless Systems feature Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology.

SLX4 Wireless Receiver Features:

  • Automatic Frequency Selection
  • Automatic Transmitter Setup
  • 960 Selectable frequencies across 24 MHz bandwidth
  • Detachable 1/4 wave antennas
  • Microprocessor-controlled diversity
  • RF presence LED
  • 5-segment audio meter
  • Multi-function, backlit LCD
  • Low battery indicator
  • Frequency and power lockout
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Volume control on rear of unit
  • 1/2 rack design
  • Furnished rack hardware
  • Non-slip bumpers for use out of rack
  • XLR and 1/4" outputs

SLX2/Beta87A with Beta 87A Microphone

SLX Wireless Handheld Transmitter with Beta 87A Supercardioid Microphone.



SLX2 Handheld Transmitter Specifications:
Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz 
Automatic Transmitter Setup
Backlit LCD with timeout feature
518 - 782 MHz operating range




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