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Quest QTC-1080
รหัสสินค้า : QTC-1080

Quest QTC-1080

ราคาปกติ : 1,500 บาท

ลดเหลือ : 1,430 บาท

Quest QTC-1080

QTC-1080 ลำโพงติดเพดาน 15 วัตต์ 2 ทาง 8" + 1" Ceiling Speakers 100/70  V line

      The Quest Q-Tech series QTC 1080 ceiling speaker is a 5 taping 15 watt 100/70V line 2-way speaker that is optimised for wide dispersion high intelligibility vocal coverage in commercial environments. An added bonus is EWIS compatibility with capacitor line monitoring and the speaker’s light weight makes it an easily flush-mounted ceiling speaker in false or plaster ceilings or panels. 

Main body in propylene material, steel grille colour white and connections via rear terminal strip.

  • Installation Environment
  • Indoor light weight ceiling speaker ideal for speech and 
  • music where wide dispersion and pronounced high frequency 
  • response is required.


  QTC-1050 QTC-1060  QTC-1080  QTC-1080 TC
Type 5" +1" tweeter 6" +1" tweeter 8" + 1" tweeter 8" Twin Cone
Speaker Type Coaxial Coaxial Coaxial Coaxial
Rated Power 10w 15w  20w  15w 
Speaker tapings 6w, 3w, 1.5 w,.65w 10w, 5w, 2.5w1.5w  15w, 10w, 5w, 2.5w  15w, 7.5w, 3.25w, 1.5w 
Line Voltage 100/70V 100/70V 100/70V 100/70V
Sensitivity 86dB 86dB  87dB  90dB 
Freq. response 80Hz-15KHz 80Hz-16KHz  80Hz-18KHz  80Hz-14KHz 
Hole size 185mm 215mm  252mm  252mm
Weight 0.7Kg 0.9Kg  1.2Kg  0.9Kg 

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